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Ukredytowani.pl forum regulations

The owner of the ukredytowani.pl website


ul. Ogrodowa 16B

41-250 Czeladź


email: admin@ukredytowani.pl

I. The Ukredytowani.pl website does not offer or grant any loans or credits.

II. On the basis of generally applicable legal regulations, including art. 7 of the Act of May 12, 20122. on consumer credit (Journal of Laws No. 126, item 715, as amended) and principles and good manners, the website administrator informs that:

1) every advertisement regarding financial services on the website should contain information presented in a reliable, up-to-date and understandable manner about:

1. interest rates along with the separation of fees included in the total cost of the loan,

2. the total amount of the loan,

3. the actual annual interest rate.

2) if applicable, also indicate the duration of the contract, the total amount to be paid and a reliable, total amount of installments. In the case of a contract providing for deferral of payment, please also indicate:

1. the price of the service or good,

2. amount of advances.

3) if the conclusion of a credit agreement (including a short-term loan) depends on the conclusion of an additional contract, eg insurance contract, then it is necessary to include in the advertisement such information together with the actual annual interest rate.

4) The information referred to above should be provided on the basis of a representative example.

Each credit intermediary is also required to provide information in the advertisement about:

1. scope of authorization for actual or legal actions,

2. possible cooperation with lenders (in the case of such cooperation, please also provide information on the names of those lenders with which the broker cooperates).

The advertising of financial services should also include:

1. correct and current contact details

2. information on the rules and procedure for extending contracts.

Posts that do not contain this data will be edited and / or deleted.

III. The forum prohibits the inclusion of any content incompatible with Polish law. In particular, this applies to:

1. Vulgar, offensive content that may offend other people's feelings

2. Content that encourages the consumption of drugs or other illegal substances

3. Calling for violence or posting fascist content

4. Pornography

IV. Posts posted on the forum are created by users and they are responsible for their content. Both the administrators and the owners of the forum are not responsible for the posts posted by users.

V. Please note that all advice from other users is their subjective opinion and is not verified by the Ukredytowani.pl forum

VI. If you use any financial or advisory services of other forum users, please check all details carefully. Ukredytowani.pl Forum does not verify the services offered by users in any way and does not bear any responsibility for them.

VII. Administrators and moderators have the right to delete and edit posted posts without providing justification.

VIII. You should not post several posts with the same content. This also applies to duplicate topics in various forum departments.

IX. The topic title should be as concise as possible and describe the specific situation. Titles of topics should not be written in capital letters only.

X. Editing posts should be done using the "Edit" option. One user should not create several posts one below the other.

XI. Private messages, both those sent via the ukredytowani.pl and e-mail forums, should not be published without the consent of the parties affected by this correspondence.

XII. It is forbidden to place posts that do not add to a particular topic. Any spam messages will be deleted.

XIII. To advertise websites related to finance and banking, use the appropriate forum section. Announcements -> Financial websites. Any advertising of websites in other parts of the forum will be removed.

XIV. Links to unprofitable pages, devoid of unique content and graphically unrecognized will be removed. It is also forbidden to link to websites where only banners, flashcards, widgets and links to PPs or partner programs are located.

XV. Any advertisements in the "I will help financially or legally" and "I am looking for help" section for users offering financial services will be removed if they do not include:

1. company name

2. contact details (mail or phone and address)

3. name and surname

XVI. When placing a topic that advertises a site about finance, it should be summarized in a few sentences about what value can be found and what topic it takes. Topics like "An interesting page about finances, check LINK necessarily" will be deleted.

XVII. It is forbidden to send unwanted advertising content via private messages to other users.

XVIII. The administrator and moderator have the option of blocking or deleting the account of the user who breaks the rules.

XIX. All issues not included in the regulations, are not subject to any interpretation. All disputes will be considered individually by forum administrators and moderators.

XX. These regulations may be subject to modifications. All changes are effective at the time of their introduction.