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Privacy Policy

1. Your privacy and security are very important to us, so we protect all data that you have entered on your forum at ukredytowani.pl. We use cookies (cookies) to store information such as your personal settings when you visit our website. This may include the option of logging in to your account.

The owner of the ukredytowani.pl website


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email: admin@ukredytowani.pl

2. We display ads from external websites to maintain our website. Some of these advertisers (e.g., Google through Google AdSense) may use technologies such as cookies or web beacons, which when their ads are displayed on our site will send advertisers information containing your IP address, internet provider, type of browser, which you use and in some cases information about installing the Flash add-on. In general, it is used to display advertising to users in their area (for example, advertising of stores in Warsaw served to the user from the capital) or selecting ads based on websites they visited earlier (showing ads of hosting companies to a user who often visits websites with a web design theme or Internet domains).

3. DoubleClick DART cookies. we may use DART cookies for the purposes of advertising by the Google DoubleClick system, which creates a cookie file when you visit websites that use the DoubleClick advertising system (including some Google AdSense ads). This cookie is used to show ads tailored to your interests ("interest based targeting"). The ads will be selected based on the history of the pages you have visited (for example, if you have browsed the pages about finances, bank ads will be displayed, even on sites with other topics such as matches). The DART system uses information that does not allow for user identification. It does NOT follow personal information such as your name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, tax identification number, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. You can disable this system at any time on this page.

4. You can deactivate or completely disable cookies on our websites or websites of our advertisers in the options of your web browser or by selecting the appropriate option in firewall programs (eg Norton Internet Security). Disabling cookies may, however, result in the inability to fully use the options of our site. You will not be able to log in to for and create and log in to your own accounts, among other things.

5. If you have questions, complaints and requests, please contact us at admin@ukredytowani.pl